News from Business Schools

News from Business Schools

Chicago Booth School of Business Partners with U of I College of Engineering

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Chicago Booth School of Business is going to partner with University of Illinois College of Engineering in order to spur entrepreneurship by allowing top MBA and engineering students to combine their talents on joint startup ventures.

Up until now, Chicago Booth MBA students hoping to pursue entrepreneurial ventures requiring engineering know-how were at a disadvantage since the university has no engineering school. U of I College of Engineering is one of the 10 best engineering schools in the US and a partnership with top-ranked Chicago Booth seems like a natural fit. Both schools are hoping that the collaboration will prove to be mutually beneficial.

Chicago Booth students respond with overwhelming enthusiasm to the idea of partnership with U of I College. Within 48 hours, 130 MBA students had expressed interest. The Innovation Exchange, which opened earlier this fall, will house the new programme, although participating students will travel between Chicago and Champaign to collaborate.

More information about the collaboration.

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INSEAD Launches Emerging Markets Institute on Singapore Campus

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Earlier this month INSEAD announced that it has launched a new think tank focused on emerging markets. The Emerging Markets Institute (EMI) is developed in collaboration with Singapore Economic Development Board (SEDB) and will be housed on INSEAD’s Asia campus in Singapore.

The new research institute is designed so that it leverages INSEAD’s intellectual capital and global reputation as well as Singapore’s spirit of innovation and forecast to find solutions to the challenges facing emerging economies.

INSEAD hopes the center will emerge as one of the most comprehensive emerging markets-focused facilities in the world, capable of providing cutting-edge research and analysis to academics, governments, corporations and more.

The EMI will be home to the Global Asia Fellowship Program, which will unite leading academics and corporate executives on research related to the drivers, challenges and opportunities in Asian emerging markets.

Learn more about EMI.

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Indian School of Business Awards 10-Merit-Based Full Tuition-Fee Waivers

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This admission season, Indian School of Business is offering 10 full tuition-fee waivers to the top 10 applicants. The full waivers are valued at $66,000 and complement a range of other merit scholarships, which the school awards to candidates based of leadership potential, personal attributes and past academic performance.

Moreover, no application is necessary for these full tuition-fee waivers. Applicants simply need to fill out the ISB application. The selection of the top 10 candidates will be based on their academic strength, leadership potential, work experience and other attributes.

Learn more about ISB’s new full tuition-fee waivers.

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