Why Is Procrastination Bad for Your Grades?

Why Is Procrastination Bad for Your Grades?

Let’s be clear- procrastination is not endearing, nor adorable. On the contrary, this laid-back attitude is not doing people any favors. It is time we wake up to and eradicate this bad habit.

A new five-year study of 777 marketing students from the Warwick Business School reveals that students, who turn in their assignments just before the deadline, tend to get the worst grades. The deleterious effect did not set in until 24 hours before the deadline; turning an assignment in two days ahead of time was not worse than turning it three days before.

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However, after the 24-hour mark, students’ average scores dropped as they inched closer to the due date. Students, who submitted their essays at the very last minute earned scores that were 5 per cent lower than people who handled it in the day before it was due. At first, that may not seem like a lot, but it translated into a full grade lower for these extreme procrastinators.

This can be added to the growing body of evidence that procrastination has highly negative effects. Studies have indicated that procrastinators tend to be more stressed, sicker, and less likely to take measures against that. Researches, however, have also found that procrastination is genetically linked to impulsiveness and can be inherited.

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek


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