10 Articles about MBA Admission You Need to Read in 2020

10 Articles about MBA Admission You Need to Read in 2020

Take a look at our selection of the best articles about MBA admission from last year as you prepare to secure a place in your dream program.

How to Present Your MBA Career Goals to AdComs

The decision to study for an MBA is closely tied to your professional development plans, so the question of how to present your MBA career goals during the application process should top your priority list. You will be asked many questions as you go through the various MBA admissions’ stages. Two of the questions you are sure to encounter are those involving your short-term and long-term post-MBA goals and how the program you are targeting will help you achieve them.

How to Stand Out When You Apply for an MBA

Do you want to stand out as an MBA applicant and business professional? You can achieve this with timely preparation, strong goal setting, and clear reasoning about your purpose for going to business school every step of the way.

How to Show Your MBA Motivation to B-Schools

Your stellar credentials, mesmerizing test scores, and dazzling vision for your future may not be enough in your quest to gain admission to your dream MBA program. Sometimes, being able to demonstrate your genuine MBA motivation may be crucial in convincing admissions’ officers to give you a place in the program.

9 MBA Interview Etiquette Tips

The MBA interview is one of the decisive factors en route to admission to your preferred program. While your responses to the questions themselves are crucial, don’t forget to refine your MBA interview etiquette. It will not go unnoticed by the interviewer/s.

MBA Essay Topics at Top Schools and Their Tips

Any business school will tell you that the MBA essay is an essential component of a candidate’s application package. For admissions committees (AdComs), the essay is like a window to your authentic self, your professional aspirations, and your motivation for the MBA.

5 Tips to Improve Your MBA Essay Writing

Next to the interview, MBA admissions directors usually hold the application essay or essays in high regard. Although every essay prompt is different and each business school applicant will be able to find a unique approach to their submission, there are some essential MBA essay writing strategies to follow.

Application Advice for an MBA in Entrepreneurship

If you are an entrepreneur and you are headed toward an MBA in Entrepreneurship, you might be wondering if your application should look any different from those submitted by professionals with a corporate background.

What Is the Full Cost of MBA Studies?

Every professional who decides to start their journey through business school should also be aware of the overall cost of MBA studies. For most participants, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience which is worth the investment. However, it helps to have a financial plan in mind and to be prepared every step of the way.

Are There MBA Loans for International Students?

MBA aspirants, especially those who want to study abroad, often consider loans as a means to fund their studies. Although there are not many providers of MBA loans for international students, there are still a few options worth considering.

Letter of Recommendation: New Advice from MBA Directors

For most graduate business school programs, providing at least one letter of recommendation is a key part of the application and how admissions officials determine whether you are a strong candidate for their programs. Given its importance to the decision-making process, you want to be strategic about whom you select to provide a letter on your behalf.


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