The Best Way to Finance MBA Studies

The Best Way to Finance MBA Studies

Even if you gain admission to your dream MBA, you may not be able to enrol in the programme if you do not secure the full funding upfront.There is quite a range of sources to finance graduate business studies. Identifying the best option for you is the first test for the future manager and business leader in you.

Ways to finance MBA studies

Each funding option has its bright sides and drawbacks. Personal funding may be at your disposal, but how wise is it to invest all of it in your MBA? Employer sponsorship is a valuable support and a very tempting option, but it entails binding terms. However, these terms may have positive consequences for you, rather than just limitations. Scholarships and grants are free, but their availability is always limited and access to them is highly competitive. Work-study options such as assistantships are perfect for any business minded student, but one has to meet the eligibility requirements. MBA student loans are readily available, but at what cost?

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Join the PrepAdviser Debate of the Month which is dedicated to finding out which is the best way to finance MBA studies. Learn more, share your arguments about what seems to be the best funding option for you. Peers and experts will also give their arguments. Thus all will learn what works best today and how to approach seeking funding for an MBA.

The Debate of the Month provides blog posts of the different ways to finance MBA studies and the peculiarities of each. In addition you can watch authentic video interviews with MBA alumni and current students who exclusively share with PrepAdviser their tips and tricks about how they gained MBA scholarships, assistantships and even stipends to cover living expenses.

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