How to Get into Stanford (Video)

How to Get into Stanford (Video)


In this video, Marina Mogilko, who runs a Youtube channel dedicated to language and education, explains what your application should look like if you want to get into Stanford.


All that you need is a lot of preparation and maybe a little bit of luck.

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For every programme at Stanford you need to pass an exam. If you want to get into a Bachelor’s programme, you will need to pass SAT. For Master’s and PhD programmes, you will need either GMAT or GRE. Also, if you are an international student, you will need to pass TOEFL or IELTS.

Motivation letters

Exams are only part of your application. You will need to submit motivation letters, and these are important because they are the only way the admissions committee can see you as a person. So take motivation letters seriously.


Another thing you should remember is that your grade point average (GPA) should be relatively high.

Recommendation letter

There are also the recommendation letters. You will need to talk to your recommenders and think about meaningful stories that they can tell about you. The recommendations, however, should not be anything along the lines of “This student is amazing and great for your programme.”


The resume is another part of the application process. Normally, Stanford would require a one-page resume which lists your achievements. When you go through your achievements, however, don’t focus on what you had to do in your jobs. For example, if you worked as an analyst, don’t say that you had to consult clients and use Excel spreadsheets. Instead, write about what made you different or how you stood out.

Application fee

Stanford will consider your application regardless of the exam results, but you will need to pay an application fee, which in the case of MBA aspirants is USD 250. That’s why it may be a good idea to go the website of the programme you have chosen and see the average exam score of the students who have been admitted. Make sure your chances are good before applying.

Believe in yourself

Do not underestimate yourself. Believe in yourself. Stanford students are normal people, they are not gods. They have just worked a little harder studying at school and preparing for the exams.


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