MBA Admission Tips: Business School Campus Visits (Video)

MBA Admission Tips: Business School Campus Visits (Video)


In this official GMAT video the experts give some tips on how to take away the most from a business school campus visit and networking.


MBA Admissions Director at Smeal College of Business, Stacey Dorang, says that physically being in the building and meeting people first hand can give you a perspective that simply viewing a video online or looking at a school website cannot give you. Moreover your visit on the campus lets the school know that you are enthusiastic about their programme as you have taken the time to visit.

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Oliver Matthews, Marketing and Admissions Manager at the University of St. Gallen Business School, shares that visiting a school can improve your chances of admission. Some of the greatest pros are that you can actually attend an interview in person, so you can meet school representatives and actually “sell” yourself in the best possible way.

Dustin Cornwell, Director of MBA Admissions at Cox School of Business, shares this opinion. According to him, visiting a school shows sincere interest in the programme, but most of all this is going to help you decide if it’s the right place for you. Moreover, he underlines that the earlier you pay a visit to the campus the better because, after all, it could turn out that this is not the best possible fit for you.

According to Stacey Dorang, networking is one of the most important parts of the entire MBA exploration process, no matter if it’s candidate to candidate, candidate to current student or candidate to alumnus.

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