MBA Scholarship Tips

MBA Scholarship Tips


Peter Hynes talks about his motivation to pursue an MBA and shares his experience during the programme.


Motivation for MBA studies

Peter Hynes says that his motivation to do an MBA goes back to his undergraduate studies. He graduated from an Engineering degree but says that he always wanted to pursue an MBA degree. After working for 10 years in one company he felt that this was the perfect time to accomplish his study dream.

Part-time vs. full-time MBA

The Newstalk scholarship allowed him to apply for a full-time MBA programme. Doing a full-time MBA was pretty important for him because, after a conversation he had with actual students, he found that it is very hard to work and study part-time simultaneously.

How to win an MBA scholarship

Peter Hynes' advice to anyone who wants to apply for an MBA scholarship is firstly to consider what they really want to do, why exactly they are considering an MBA and most importantly – to be themselves at the admissions interview. The people that assess MBA applications have been meeting MBA students for many years and they know what they are looking for. They recognise if someone is being genuine or not.

The value of an MBA

Hynes tells us that his MBA experience has opened his eyes professionally and personally. He met people from different cultures through international trips to Dubai and Mumbai. One of the most important things is that one gets the chance to experience industry from different people's point of view . Hynes enjoyed that particular part a lot because he had been in one company for a long time and, thanks to the scholarship and the full-time MBA programme, he had the chance to meet different people and see their business perspectives.

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