7 New Year Resolutions for MBA Applicants

7 New Year Resolutions for MBA Applicants

The MBA application season for admission for the fall 2015 intake is coming to its peak. Even those who plan to apply for the best US business schools to start an MBA in the fall of 2016 should start their preparation now.

If you are one of the thousands of MBA-bound professionals, MBA admission will certainly be one of your major projects for 2015. To ensure your success, consider sticking to the following New Year resolutions, tested over time by successful MBA applicants.

  1. I will spend at least a month in soul searching to describe my dream MBA, so that I can find the really best options among all offerings.
  2. I will make a list of at least three scenarios for my short and mid-term post-MBA career development. This will keep me on track in shortlisting the best programmes depending on how they can actually help me.
  3. For my MBA journey, I will ensure the support of my family, my friends, and even my employer. I will be open to advice from peers, school representatives and consultants.
  4. I will take any opportunity to interact with business schools and find out all the details about the MBA experience they can provide.
  5. I will do my best to achieve a competitive score on the GMAT in order to have the best chances for admission and a scholarship award.
  6. I will make a wise financial investment, sticking to what I can realistically afford with my budget and what I can gain through merit.
  7. I will start preparing my application package as soon as the requirements of my shortlisted schools are announced. I will commit enough time to make a well thought out application that will make me happy and proud.

Those seven steps will certainly help you feel confident that you have done the best within your control to achieve your goal. In addition, we wish you all the luck that 2015 can bring to you.


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