Tips on Writing a Professional CV

Tips on Writing a Professional CV

A well cooked and delicious meal, if served clumsily, will nullify all the toil of the chef. In the same way, an incompetently written CV invalidates all the credentials of a brainy individual. It is quite tragic when ‘everything comes to nothing’ because of lousy presentation. Hence, it is important to maintain this state of excellence till the last stride.

Do not multiply by zero

A resume or a professional CV is multiplier which multiplies the value of a person’s credentials. So, if the CV is poorly written, the overall credentials become nothing too. The chances become one in a thousand. So, a CV deserves some toil and time.

Now, the million dollar question would be – how to toil in the rewarding direction?

Appearance to be apparent

It is indeed the external appearance of anyone or anything which catches the eye. Now, that does not mean that the CV should be written on pink glossy paper with glittering decoration. It means the presentation on the paper should be neat and orderly. It should render a smooth and spontaneous read with full comprehension.

Avoid long paragraphs and punctuate your CV with title and subtitles.

It is absolutely essential that the titles be short and act like wrappers, disclosing what is inside. The subtitles are like shelving units displaying info for potential patrons. Further, employ tabulation to classify and illustrate data more clearly. This is most important when you are giving a volley of statistics, like your grades in school or college.

Language, look out!

Right language is the right means to the right end.

However, we many people believe that it is only a means of communication and overlook how it generates sensibility alongside sense. Language can make the content of the same message either joyful or depressing. It sets the mood and tone for communication.

Formal language is the mother tongue of business writing. It is very important to know the difference between informal and formal language so there is consistency in the degree of formality in writing. Though times are changing and informality is creeping in, it cannot scare away the impact and necessity of formality in language. The tone of the language adds to the purpose and so to serve it, the right tone needs to be set.

Slaughter Slang

As a result of online chatting and texting, slang has eclipsed the form of written communication as well. In fact, it is so contagious that even academic papers cannot evade its ‘all over the place’ effect. However, one cannot allow slang to seep through into CV writing and discredit the applicant. One has to be extra careful while creating a CV to run it through a spell-checker with a ‘no slang’ filter.

Juggle with jargon

Jargon is imperative in a professional CV to add the right flavour. This special set of vocabulary pertaining to a particular profession confirms the subject knowledge of the applicant. Further, it also brings distinctiveness to the CV. However, the jargon must be used sparingly to avoid overkill. Sometimes, the person in charge of hiring might not be aware of technical vocabulary. So, jargon must be sprinkled like scented water and not poured.

Get Admitted

The professional field admits professional applicants. This is the entry fee in terms of the care and time you pay to get inside.

A professional CV should be prepared with dogged perseverance in order to attain perfection.


Tips on Writing Professional CV


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