Business School Application: Present Your Story (Video)

Business School Application: Present Your Story (Video)


She sees it as a storytelling exercise where you can communicate who you are, simply and effectively.


She divides this exercise into steps for an easier approach. The first step is to identify the major milestones in your life. Julia suggests creating a timeline of your life where you can chart the major events that have led you to the place where you are today. The second step is to connect the dots and try to understand why you made those decisions, and that will help you to capture the essence of who you are.  She gives some personal examples for us to get a better understanding.

The third step is the implementation. Try to describe yourself in three words. Another idea that Julia gives in this reference is to find someone who doesn’t know you to review your application and summarise you in three words. Then you can see if those three words are identical with your thoughts and if they don’t, then you need to communicate with yourself more effectively. For this purpose you can review steps 2 and 3 until you get those two to align. Your goal is for the reader to be able to understand the essence of who you truly are.

And here is what Julia shares on the official GMAT blog

How well-prepared for business school do you feel, after studying for the GMAT exam? I first tackled the GMAT, and then I selected schools based on a combination of factors.

Advice for anyone thinking about b-school? Seek out advice, early and often, from both current students and alumni at your target schools.

Dream career: I would love to get involved with helping women around the world achieve socioeconomic stability and financial independence.

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