Getting Admitted to English-taught Programmes

Getting Admitted to English-taught Programmes


In this video, Marina Mogilko will share with you the most important things you need to know when applying for graduate study abroad.


The first very important word is “admissions”. This is a section on the universities’ website where you’re going to learn about everything you need in order to apply. There is also an “admissions’ committee”, which is the group of people who review your application documents and decide whether they should admit you or not.

As you know, American universities are very expensive, so if you want to apply to one, you should definitely consider financial assistance. Every second student receives some kind of financial assistance. This is money that you’re receiving from university’s funds or other institutions. There are a number of different kinds of financial assistance, depending on your means, your grades or your other previous achievements.

You also have an “application fee”, which is a fee you pay for the revision of your application documents to the university. However, some universities can waive your application fee if you ask them to do so. You have to be careful, though, because for some schools this could make a bad impression.

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Your “personal statement” is the only part of your admissions’ documents where you have the chance to reveal your personality. You basically write about things that happened to you in the past which formed you as a person and things that motivated you to apply for this particular school.

Another thing that you need to submit is a “letter of recommendation”, in which another teacher or colleague tells the university why you suit the programme. This has to be someone who works with you regularly and knows you, so he can talk about something real and impactful that happened in your life.

The last thing is “graduation requirements”. This is the section on the university’s website where you see what you actually need to do, in order to receive the degree from this university. They will also have a curriculum including the main subjects of a particular programme.

Watch the full video to get a better idea of everything you need to know when applying for graduate study abroad!

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