Impress the MBA Admissions Committee with Passion

Impress the MBA Admissions Committee with Passion


In this video, Stacy Blackman gives a very important tip on what you should do in order to truly impress the business school admissions committee.


When you become a certain age, you inevitably get to a point in your life where you ask yourself whether you should choose money over meaning, passions over building prestige. This moment comes especially when you’re about to apply to a business school and you are not sure which job position will look better on your resume. The truth is that those things don’t need to be separate. You can put them together and pursue your dreams. Having a brand name on your resume can be helpful, but the truth is that almost everyone applying to business school has brand names on their resume or in their letters of recommendations. If you also rely on that, nothing will distinguish you from all the others. Business schools are much more interested in getting to know you and what your passions are, than the name of the company that you worked for.

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If you do what you love then you’re going to excel, make a difference, get promoted and you’ll kick off a really electric career path which is going to be fulfilling for you and also impressive to the admissions committee. It’s going to be much better for you to succeed in your job than hanging out in some brand name company just to buy time so you can put a stamp on your resume.

As Kanye West puts it:

I’m in pursuit of awesomeness, excellence is the bare minimum.

So, continue your pursuit of awesomeness, do great things and make things happen for yourself!

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