PTE Academic Test Center Opens in Pakistan

PTE Academic Test Center Opens in Pakistan

Pearson has opened a PTE Academic test center in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, in partnership with JNS Education.

Dan Doyle, PTE Academic Vice President Product Management and Delivery, told The PIE News that bringing the test to Pakistan was a logical step. He said:

Pakistan is a leading source country for international students; it’s regularly in the top 15 countries for most of the major receiving countries, so in that respect it makes a lot of sense.

PTE Academic is a 100% computer based English language test which uses AI technology to ensure fair and impartial scores and a quick turnaround of results – 1.2 days on average in 2019.

Planned expansion

PTE Academic is recognized by thousands of programs in the US, 100% of Australian, New Zealand and Irish universities, more than 98% of UK universities, and 90% of Canadian universities. It is also one of the language qualifications accepted for visa purposes by the Australian and New Zealand governments.

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PTE Academic assesses listening, reading, speaking, and writing, all via computer, in a single three-hour test session. During the test, you will find 20 different question formats, ranging from multiple choice through to essay writing and interpreting information. Scores range from 10 to 90 and are valid for two years.

PTE Academic is administered by British education company Pearson, the world’s biggest education company. The former owner of The Economist magazine and the Financial Times newspaper currently undergoes a major restructuring to focus on boosting its digital content.

Pearson plans to expand PTE Academic’s reach by opening test centers in major cities in countries which are known to be the source of international students and migrants looking for work.

See the full list of the institutions which recognize PTE Academic.

Click here for further details on how to book a test session.

Source: Pearson


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