How to Set Your Study Space (Video)

How to Set Your Study Space (Video)

It’s not much of a surprise that if you study in your bed you’re just going to be sleepy. Studying on the sofa is also not a good idea. It’s your relaxing area and you won’t feel much focused there. Therefore, your desk is the optimal space for studying. In order for you to feel motivated to sit there every day and be productive, your working environment should have a bit of a personal touch. However, don’t overdo it! Try to make it similar to exam environment, as this will make it easier for you to recall what you have learned when you go to an exam.


Besides your desk outlook, there are some more factors that contribute to your concentration and motivation:


A recent study suggests that artificial lighting or poor lighting conditions are in fact quite detrimental to your work outputs. In other words, while sunlight will make you more alert and focused, artificial light will make you sleepier. Try to put your desk close to a window or if you can’t, go outside and get some sunshine to get you energised!

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When you are feeling cold your body takes a substantial amount of energy just to keep itself warm, which means there’s less energy left for concentration. On the other hand, a too warm environment will make you sleepy. The conclusion is – balance the room temperature so that you feel warm and alert enough.


If exam room condition is the best way to study, then silence is the best way to focus as well. However, a few recent academic studies speculated that music puts you into a heightened state of emotion, which makes you more receptive to information. Another recent study, though, suggests that when it comes to hard focus revision, silence really is golden.

No matter how you organise your space, you want to make sure you have all your materials to hand, including drinks and snacks. However, it’s best to remove any distractions which could make you procrastinate. You don’t want anything to interrupt your flow of thoughts.


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