Test Prep: Should You Hire a Tutor? (Video)

Test Prep: Should You Hire a Tutor? (Video)


But when is it worthwhile to seek the help of a professional tutor and how to select a good one?


Kevin who himself is a tutor at Magoosh shares that opting for a tutor depends on many different factors.

When to work with a tutor

If you are not sure about your preparation strategy for any of the graduate school admission or language tests - GMAT, GRE, TOEFL or IELTS - you should ask yourself the question: “What type of a learner am I?” If you have a hard time structuring your studying and you need week-to-week guidance, you should definitely consider hiring a tutor.

Another case where it is probably a good idea to seek professional help is if you are retaking a test and you know that there are specific areas where you need to work on. The tutor can really help you to focus on those areas of improvement and determine your strengths.

How to select a tutor

Private tutors can be really helpful but you should keep in mind that their services can be expensive. Before hiring one you should plan the budget and time which you can commit. To select a tutor talk to some students to get recommendations and learn what their experience with the tutor was. It is also a must to talk to tutors before hiring one. It is important to learn more about their experience with the test that you are preparing for. It is also important how often they work with students and what type of students they work with – beginners or advanced.

Watch the video for more advice and enjoy Kevin’s easy-going approach to this important subject!

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