Consistency in Exam Preparation Is Key (Interview)

Consistency in Exam Preparation Is Key (Interview)

Meet Vanina, who is preparing to apply for an MBA program to enhance her business expertise. She talks about the importance of consistency in exam preparation and the reasons a clinical research associate pursues a business degree.

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[0:08] Q: Please, introduce yourself and tell us a little bit more about your aspirations and your academic and professional experience.

[0:16] A: My name is Vanina, I’m from Bulgaria, and currently I’m working in Sofia as a clinical research associate in a pharmaceutical company. My academic background is in science; I’m a chemist and I also have a Master’s degree in chemistry.

[0:37] Q: When did you decide to go for an MBA?

[0:40] A: Well, I want to have an MBA because I’m in a business environment although we are in a pretty scientific area. But after all, I think that it would increase my expertise and knowledge in business, and it would be a great advantage for me to continue my career and to apply for a high position in my field.

[1:09] Q: Have you already taken the GMAT, the GRE or other exams?

[1:13] A: No, no, I haven’t yet. I have a certificate in advanced English from Cambridge, so maybe I would have to take GMAT or TOEFL. It depends on the university I apply to.

[1:33] Q: Which part of the admission process is the most challenging for you?

[1:40] A: Well, it depends again on the university. I think GMAT and TOEFL are challenging, because everyone wants to have high results, of course, especially if you want to have some kind of scholarship. But another very interesting and challenging part, I think, is the interview, because you conduct it live. People are a little bit stressed and nervous, but I think it is also the most interesting part.

[2:13] Q: What stage have you reached in your application process? Have you chosen the schools or are you still researching?

[2:20] A: Well, I have chosen actually, but I’m here (at the Access MBA One-to-One event in Sofia) to explore other options. Currently I’m applying to the American University in Bulgaria because I don’t feel like leaving Bulgaria for an extended period, and I want to continue working during the MBA. So that’s why I think it will be the most, maybe, appropriate university, and yeah, I’m applying there.

 [2:58] Q: What is your best way to prepare for the exams?

 [3:04] A: You’re asking about the admission exams or the academic ones?

[3:08] Q: For the academic ones basically, how do you prepare, do you use tutors, or do you use online resources, what kinds? 

[3:18] A: Well, maybe both. Online resources, books, and of course, discussions with the teachers and the colleagues at the university. But I think the most essential thing about preparing is the daily preparation, consistency, because if you do it every day or at least once every two days, it would give results. So, yeah, I think consistency is the key.

[3:55] Q: Do you wish to be accepted to any particular school?

[4:09] A: Well, currently I wish to be accepted to the American University because I’m still waiting for their feedback, but I still think that there are a lot of universities which offer very high-level education and most of them are here. And I’m very excited to meet some of them, so I could gain further information, and I could consider maybe some other university.


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