How Do Admissions Webinars Aid Your Application

How Do Admissions Webinars Aid Your Application

Webinars can be of great help if you are wondering where to start or how to make yourself as appealing as possible. Business schools and universities tend to offer webinars geared to prospective graduate school applicants. They are a great tool to prepare for the journey ahead, boosting your confidence in the process and thus increasing your chances of submitting a strong application.

Throughout the year, graduate schools deliver webinars on different topics intended for prospective students. So what can you gain from them?

Tapping the source

Attending a webinar hosted by representatives of a business school or a university means that you will be getting the latest information from its source. There is no need to worry if the description of the program and the listed requirements are up to date. You can also learn about the future plans of the school regarding the application process and even about changes that may affect your application. You may also be able to gain insight from a variety of school representatives such as admissions officers, program directors, professors, current student or alumni, which is always useful.

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Going through the application process

Some webinars will guide you through the application process and talk you through the steps of applying to the business school or university of your choice. This significantly reduces the likelihood of your missing a deadline or forgetting about a requirement. As admissions directors walk you through the required elements of the application process, they help break down your to-do list into manageable portions and teach you how to stand out in a group of worthy applicants.

Nailing the essays and the personal interview

Some webinars delve deep into the separate elements of the application process, such as the essays and interviews. Business schools such as Wharton (US) offer webinars to MBA aspirants who need guidance crafting the perfect admissions essay. Participants are walked through the do’s and don’ts of essay writing at an executive level and also learn how Wharton weighs storytelling.

There are also many webinars that deal with the admission interview, a subject of dread to many MBA and Master’s applicants. Love it or hate it, the interviews play a very important role in the admission process, especially in MBA programs, and can easily make or break the application. Some webinars offer applicants the chance to interact with alumni and learn how they managed the interview. Others have admissions officers give tips and answer interview-related queries from participants.

Sorting out the financial nuts and bolts

One of the biggest concerns when considering an MBA or a Master’s program is how to pay for it. Fortunately, graduate schools' webinars outline a variety of ways to cover the costs of a graduate education. These online seminars typically help attendees understand different funding options available to them as they set out on their path to university or business school. Participants learn about funding such as student loans, scholarships, grants and fellowships.

Getting a better feel for the program

Participating in a webinar will enable you to gain a better understanding of whether a certain program fits your aspirations and personality, especially if you ask questions about the various aspects of the course you consider important.  Some webinars are hosted by alumni and current students, which can give you a good idea of the type of students enrolling in the program. Of course, the main prerequisite for determining if a school fits your profile remains knowing exactly what you want and how to achieve it.

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Playing the waiting game

Applying to an MBA or Master’s program is a challenging and complex process that carries on even after the application has been submitted. As you already know, there are webinars on any topic, including on the steps to take while you wait. Participants learn how to respond when their application is waitlisted or rejected, but more importantly, they gain insight into the post-admit process and immediate next steps that can be taken. And they are no less important than those that you have undertaken so far to gain admission.

We live in an age when we can get in-depth information about a particular program while being comfortably seated on a couch at home. Webinars on graduate school application are too convenient and useful to be passed up. Do not miss this opportunity, but prepare accordingly, so that you can make the most of it.



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