ETS to Redesign TOEIC Bridge Tests

ETS to Redesign TOEIC Bridge Tests

The TOEIC Bridge tests assess the English proficiency of beginning to intermediate learners. They are of the TOEIC Program, which also includes the TOEIC Listening and Reading test, which measures the everyday English listening and reading skills needed to work in an international environment, and the TOEIC Speaking and Writing test, which provides an accurate assessment of an individual's ability to communicate in spoken and written English in the workplace.

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The first redesigned tests will be launched in June 2019 in select markets, with subsequent rollouts continuing worldwide.

In addition to measuring speaking and writing skills, the revamped tests will include performance feedback to enable more effective teaching and efficient progress on the path to advanced English-language proficiency. In addition, score users will experience greater flexibility and convenience as individual skills can now be combined into complementary modules to suit their specific needs. Feng Yu, Executive Director of the TOEIC program at ETS, said:

The redesigned TOEIC Bridge tests enable score users to reliably evaluate their students’ and employees’ fundamental English proficiency with confidence, and help beginning learners successfully progress on their path to more advanced English-language proficiency.

Thanks to the redesigned TOEIC Bridge tests’ performance feedback, score users can effectively measure an individual’s everyday English communication skills. Score users can confidently use the scores and information from the tests to:

  • Place individuals in the appropriate English-language learning course for their skill level
  • Screen and place individuals in employment positions that require basic to intermediate everyday communication skills
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of beginning-level training programs

As individuals build their foundational skills and prepare to progress toward more advanced English-language proficiency, score users can also use TOEIC Bridge scores and information to:

  • Identify test takers’ relative strengths and weaknesses with respect to different language skills
  • Track or benchmark an individual’s development or improvement over time in order to monitor growth in language skills or overall proficiency

Source: ETS


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