How to Beat the Timing Challenge of the GMAT

How to Beat the Timing Challenge of the GMAT

At the same time, the test is over three hours long with only a five-minute optional break. The challenge is in concentrating for several exhausting hours while keeping your pace of answering questions quickly and correctly. The academic director at The Economist’s GMAT Tutor suggests some dos and don'ts when taking the GMAT in order to manage your time effectively. Read his advice here to fine tune your preparation.

Also, take this opportunity to post your questions, comments and personal experience related to keeping concentration, pace and the highest number of correct responses here, below this article. In this way you will benefit from even more advice and different perspectives from other GMAT instructors and test takers who are, or once were, in your shoes.

However, if you are wondering why the GMAT is so stressful, read Some Fringe Benefits of GMAT Preparation. Also, remember that GMAT preparation is not just about a score. It helps you develop skills which are crucial for your success during your MBA studies but, most importantly, these skills are transferable to your everyday routine and management practice.


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