5 Steps to Crack GMAT Preparation Books

5 Steps to Crack GMAT Preparation Books

No matter which GMAT preparation book you use, it is most likely going to confuse you rather than clarify the subject. Here are five steps, based on 15 years of GMAT teaching experience which will help you to prepare successfully for the current format of the exam.


Which is better:To get to know one flower and assume we know the characteristics of all flowers or to get to know all flowers and understand each of their characteristics?

What  GMAT Preparation books provide:

All the theoretical knowledge you will need is provided very briefly and is illustrated by just one or two examples for each type of GMAT question. This approach is definitely not enough to help you understand, practice and master the different types of questions.

What we advise:

Make a comprehensive review of the theory and multiple examples for each type of question as they gradually increase in difficulty. Look into the possible variations of each question type and pay attention to the traps which the GMAT may set.


Which is better:To have at our disposal several roads that lead to a city when we don’t know which one of them to take or to have a major route which we know will always lead to our destination?

What  GMAT Preparation books provide:

 The examples which are used to illustrate how to answer each type of question usually provide more than one approach.  This does not equip you with a consistent approach to solve each type of question. Instead, you get confused and uncertain about which approach is the best.

What we advise:

Our instructors illustrate the best approach based on the theoretical knowledge already presented, with an emphasis on learning how to identify the type of question and its specific characteristics. This builds a consistent approach to solving each of the different type of question.

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Which is better: Jumping up and down the stairs and finally falling or starting from ground floor to go up consistently step by step and reach the top?

What  GMAT Preparation books provide:

More often than not, you will find questions of different levels of difficulty listed without being in order. Following to this method, you will have to jump from easy to difficult questions and vice versa or have questions of mid-level difficulty here and there.  As a result, you will most likely feel discouraged about your progress and will be not be confident during the test.

What we advise:

The questions’ level of difficulty gradually increases during the course. This helps you build confidence and demonstrates your progress. Naturally, by the end of the course you will be able to solve very difficult questions without even noticing it.


Which is better: Get to know a cat and go on a tiger hunt or, knowing that it is unlikely that you will meet a cat in a forest, prepare to meet a tiger?

What  GMAT Preparation books provide:

 You will find plenty of questions which are actually too easy to be included in the GMAT. It does not matter whether you can answer them correctly or not, as these are questions from the easiest level on the GMAT database. Many books also include plenty of questions which no longer appear on the GMAT.

What we advise:

Only use questions which correspond to the actual GMAT level of difficulty. Our instructors only provide practice questions which you are very likely to face during the actual test. The types of questions are the same as the latest content in the test.

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Which is better: To try to light a fire with a flint or to use a modern lighter?

What GMAT Preparation books provide:

In many books you will primarily find old-fashioned practice questions. As a result, the highest score you are likely to achieve is between 500 and 550. It is rare to find question types which are part of the actual test and which are the basis of the highest score.

What we advise:

Practice the kinds of questions that reflect the actual content of the GMAT.  Our instructors monitor all changes and latest nuances in the software of the official GMAT provider. GMAT changes gradually but permanently.  The test makers introduce new types of questions which are reflected in prep books in a minimum of two years. However, these are the questions which will take you to a high GMAT score.

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