GMAT Official Guide 2018 Gets an Online Makeover

GMAT Official Guide 2018 Gets an Online Makeover

The Official Guide series has long been a powerful tool used by test takers to accelerate their test preparation and earn the GMAT score they want. Now, the must-have guides for the upcoming year, as well as past editions, are available in a new and improved online platform.

According to the news shared by the official website of the GMAT exam, the online platform offers several features designed to give prospective test takers a true experience when preparing for the exam.

Users who have purchased the guide will get online access to the same 1,500 questions and answers from the printed books, as well as 50 Integrated Reasoning questions which are not available in the printed editions. People who are particularly nervous about this section of the exam could certainly use the online platform to their benefit.

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Test takers will also be able to build their own practice sets based on question type, difficulty level, and other filters that they can select themselves. In addition, they will have the option to review and reattempt the same practice sets to improve their performance over time.

The online GMAT Official Guide also features a dashboard that offers an in-depth look at practice test results, including a question’s level of difficulty, the problem type, and the time spent on each question. Of course, users will also be able to see the most important outcome of completing a practice test – information about the number of questions answered correctly or incorrectly, those that are skipped or flagged, as well as question duration. Key performance metrics are available to show an individual’s studying progress and help them assess their weak areas.

It is also important to note that the online platform has been optimised for use on tablet devices which will accommodate people who wish to study on-the-go.

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The 2018 version of the Official Guide is amplified with 15% new content. The book includes 900 practice questions with explanations and answers. Out of these questions, 122 have not appeared in any GMAT study guide before. The aforementioned practice questions are equally divided among the Verbal and the Quantitative sections. In addition, there is another part of the book which contains a diagnostic test of 100 questions. This test will help test takers indicate the specific sections that are problematic for them so that they can improve their skills individually. All these questions were previously used in the official GMAT exams, which makes the GMAT Official Guide one of the most accurate books to practise with.

To access the new online platform, prospective test takers can use the code provided within their printed edition of the GMAT Official Guide, Verbal and Quantitative Reviews.



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