GMAT Score Report Essentials (Video)

GMAT Score Report Essentials (Video)


What will actually be on your score report? When will it arrive? Will your schools get it at the same time as you?


In this video, Kevin Rocci from Magoosh talks about everything that you need to know about your GMAT score report.

Your GMAT score report will include the picture of you that gets taken at the testing centre, your self-reported information such as telephone number, undergraduate institution, grade point average (GPA), and intended graduate study, and also your percentile rank (among all the GMAT test takers). The score report will include your total score, as well as your verbal, quant, AWA and IR scores.

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You will get your score right after you take the test, but this won't be your official score. You'll get the official score online 20 days after the test. Some schools can receive scores electronically, which means they will get your scores 20 days after you take the test. Other schools only receive scores through physical mail, so it will take a little longer than 20 days for them to get your scores.

If you decide to take the test again, you might want to request an enhanced score report (ESR). This report will tell you what areas you struggled in, so it's a great tool to have when you are studying for a retake. The ESR gives you a detailed analysis of your performance — by question type, areas for focus, and pacing — so you can fine-tune your preparation and do even better next time around. The enhanced score report costs USD 25.

For more information about your GMAT exam scores, please read the GMAT Handbook (PDF) or click here for a shorter description.


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