Practice Is the Key to Succeeding at the GMAT

Practice Is the Key to Succeeding at the GMAT


In this video an MBA student from Cranfield University shares her story of how she prepared for the GMAT and what difficulties she faced during her period of study.


Rya’s GMAT challenge

In the beginning when Rya started preparing for the exam she struggled a lot because she had math background, and that is why she used to attempt to solve every question mathematically until the end. This is, of course, impossible in the time constraints you have during the exam.

Succeeding at the GMAT

Rya decided to allocate two months in total for preparing for the exam. Some people might think it is a lot, others that it is enough, but for her it was just appropriate.

During the first month she focused on familiarising and refreshing her memory with all the concepts, because some of them she had not dealt with in a very long time. But as soon as she read about a particular topic she managed to solve a lot of practice questions from different sources and with different levels of difficulty to make sure she absorbed the material really well. She also found it very helpful to keep track of all the challenging questions, so that during the review before the exam she could refer to this list of questions and try to find shortcuts for them.

The next month she focused on solving a full mock GMAT exam and by doing that she was trying to adapt herself as much as possible to the environment of the real exam and to simulate the exam atmosphere to be similar to the exam day. This is something you need to do, because it is challenging to keep your focus for more than three hours in a row with full attention and minimum breaks.

So, the bottom line is practise, practise, and practise! It is a learning curve that improves over time and it is the only way to master the GMAT exam.

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