How Do You Prepare for the GMAT? (Video)

How Do You Prepare for the GMAT? (Video)


Ashish Poddar


Ashish said that he used several online GMAT preparation courses, including the GMAT official guides. He also took several GMAT prep tests to evaluate his preparation for the exam.

He highly recommends focusing slightly more on the verbal side of things because it will help students significantly with their MBA and beyond.

Vidyasagar Ayyappan

He has taken the GMAT four times. His scores range from the 500s to the 700s. He says that there is an unbelievable amount of materials available on the internet, all claiming to be the best GMAT materials. However, after all these attempts to crack the GMAT, he can give the following preparation tips: Focus on the core concepts - find a textbook to brush up on your high school maths if you need to. And practise. Practise a lot. Internalise the official guide, know it from cover to cover.

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Vahini Rajagopal

Vahini spent about three months preparing for the GMAT. She referred to the official guide a lot as well as the Manhattan books. She also did mock tests.

In terms of recommendations, she advises test takers to schedule their test so that they can always retake it. This strategy will take some of the pressure off them.

Ting Wang

Ting said she also relied heavily on the official guide. Before starting the preparation, she took one mock exam to see where she stands. She took another one just a few days before the exam.

She advises prospective test takers to always practise under timed conditions so that they get a sense of their optimal pace.

Sunil Indurti

Sunil started his preparation first with a mock test from the official guide, which helped him understand that he’s pretty good at quant while his verbal skills need some work. So he went through his grammar and did a lot of practice. Before the exam he took a lot of practice tests which helped him calm his nerves and do well in the final exam.

He recommends that prospective test takers find out how much time they need to prepare and then go about their preparation accordingly.


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