Staying Positive Even After Tens of GMAT Practice Tests (Video)

Staying Positive Even After Tens of GMAT Practice Tests (Video)


In the video, the tutor says that although positivism might not seem like something that will help you for your GMAT studies, it will surely give you a boost, especially if you are planning to study for a few months. You need to have a strategy to stay positive and motivated over the course of your studies.



Cultivating curiosity is one of the best strategies to maintain your good mood during the arduous study process. There is so much in the world that we don't know yet! If you let yourself become curious about these things, you will find that you have a lot of energy to explore and to learn new things.

Eat well, get rest, take exercise

The second tip is somewhat unusual, but equally important. You have to eat well, get enough rest, and take some exercise! Science has shown that these factors have a dramatic effect on our well-being and on our ability to learn. Students who exercise regularly and get enough sleep can study more efficiently and are able to learn (and retain) concepts with less effort.


Imagine what a dour place the world would be without humour. By serving others and helping the people around you, you will feel fulfilled and positive about the world. Starting with small things is the best way. Finally, make the choice to be happy and be positive. You have the power to do this, even when life is difficult!

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Avoid seeing the world through a dirty windshield. By adopting an attitude of positivism, you will actually be able to work harder and enjoy the results of your efforts.


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