Tips and Tricks to Crack the GMAT

Tips and Tricks to Crack the GMAT


Are you serious about getting into business school? GMAT is the only trusted and preferred part of the admission process for more than 6,000 business schools worldwide. The Graduate management test is a computer adaptive test designed to evaluate an individual’s quantitative, writing, verbal and reading skills. The test does not gauge your business knowledge, it rather assesses your analytical writing, problem solving, critical reasoning, and logic and data sufficiency. GMAT is a registered trademark of graduate management admission council (GMAC). There are nearly 5,900 programmes offered by 2,100 universities across, which makes use of GMAT as an eligibility score.


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It is wise to start preparing a few months earlier along with a scheduled timetable and have all the materials required for preparation. Schedule time and dedicate 2.5 hours every day to studying. Focus on each section and understand the basics. During weekends make sure to dedicate at least six hours for preparation. Another useful way to deal with GMAT, is educated guessing; when you’re unaware of an answer, rank the possible answers and exclude the wrong answers.

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First, read through and understand the GMAT format. The initial sections would be quantitative, verbal and essays. Graduates should be well versed in quantitative aptitude and crack those questions easily. The next is the reading comprehension which can be answered with good English reading and understanding skills. The sentence correction and critical reasoning is a bit tricky and so practising on sample papers and getting used to it is important. By working out more papers you will increase your confidence. In the same manner identifying your weaker sections and working hard to compensate for this is another way to tackle the tough part of the paper. There are also a number of free mock tests available online.


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