Three Study Tips for the GRE Test (Video)

Three Study Tips for the GRE Test (Video)


But how do you conquer the exam? Chris from Magoosh GRE offers three tips so you can make the most of your study time and get a great score on test day.


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  • Spread your studying out over the week— don’t cram! Cramming can seem like a pretty minor study sin, but your brain can retain only so much information. You will learn a lot more if you study a bit each day instead of trying to jam all the work into one day a week.
  • Do a mix of question types every study session. Mixed practice is crucial to acing the GRE test. This means studying both maths and verbal practice questions in the same study period. Why is this important? On test day you will be switching rapidly between verbal and maths sections. Don’t let the GRE test catch you by surprise! Be sure to study in the same mode as the test.
  • Take a practice test every ten days. It’s a fact: high scorers take practice tests. The GRE isn’t just a test of knowledge; it’s a test of performance and stamina. It’s very difficult to know how you will do on the test if you don't take full-length GRE practice tests. Taking a practice test will teach you how to manage sitting for a long test and how to pace your question answering. A practice test every ten days will give you a lot of practical GRE experience and let you see how you are improving.

These are the top three recommendations for how to shape your study plan to ace the GRE. Consider them while you are studying and you will be pleasantly surprised at the end result!


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