Reporting GRE Scores to Business Schools

Reporting GRE Scores to Business Schools

That is one of the reasons why many candidates choose to take B-School entry exams, such as the GRE, more than once. This gives them greater leverage and in many cases increases their chances of admission.

I’ve taken the GRE more than once. Now what?

Some candidates, however, worry that schools interpret multiple GRE scores differently. For instance, imagine you took the GRE two years ago and got a satisfactory result in the Verbal Reasoning section but you weren't entirely happy with your score in the Quantitative Reasoning and the Analytical Writing sections. Three weeks ago you took the GRE again and you aced everything but the Verbal Reasoning section. You may wonder what will happen when the schools of your choice see those fluctuating results and how that would affect your application.

Can you select which score to send?

The great news is that with the ScoreSelect option, it is up to you to decide which of your GRE scores to report to the institutions you apply to!

Generally, you can send a report with your scores to four institutions for free as this is included in the test fee. Additionally, you can choose to send reports to more schools for a fee.

Here is some further information on how the whole score reporting works:

On the test day:

  • You can choose not to send your score when you view it at the test centre on the test day;
  • You can choose to send your current test score to four institutions for free (referred to as most recent option);
  • You can choose to send all of your GRE scores from the past five years to four schools of your choice for free (referred to as all option).

After the test day:

  • You can send the scores from your latest test for a fee (referred to as most recent option);
  • You can send the scores from all the tests you have taken in the last five years for a fee (referred to as all option);
  • You can choose to send your score from one, more or all test administrations from the past five years (referred to as any option).

You can find additional information and instructions that will help you make the best decision on how to report your results on the official GRE website.

Scores are always reported in their entirety

Whichever option you choose, don’t forget that the entire results from a particular test administration must be reported. Regardless of the option you select (Most Recent, All or Any option), you will select specific test administration dates so that your scores are all from the same testing session.

The ScoreSelect® option’s explanation page on the GRE website states that Institutions will receive score reports that show the scores that test takers selected to send to them. There will be no special indication if other GRE tests have been taken.” This freedom of score reporting removes a little of the pressure that any test inevitably poses on candidates. So don’t worry if your first GRE performance was not as stellar as your latest one. The schools will only see the results you want them to see.



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