ETS Scraps 12-Day TOEFL Waiting Period for Retest

ETS Scraps 12-Day TOEFL Waiting Period for Retest

Beginning immediately, students can register for afternoon testing sessions on select dates, a shift that effectively doubles the testing capacity of participating test centers on those dates. In addition, students can test on consecutive weekends as available dates permit — a significant improvement to the previous 12-day retest waiting period.

There is no limit to the number of times examinees can take the test, but they cannot take it more than once in a three-day period.

These updates, which follow the shortened test time and MyBest scores enhancements launched last month, will also be beneficial to institutions — the earlier students can test or retest, the earlier institutions can receive students’ accompanying score report, allowing them to make informed admissions decisions based on a wider eligible applicant pool of qualified students in a timely manner.

The duration of the TOEFL exam was cut by 30 minutes to just three hours on 1 August, 2019. The overall test format or question types does not change, but there are fewer questions in the Reading, Listening, and Speaking sections.

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Srikant Gopal, Executive Director of the TOEFL Program, said in a statement:

The latest improvements to the TOEFL test revolve around the student testing experience and creating efficiencies that enable them to save time so that they can act quickly. We understand that students need and appreciate flexibility, and these new changes provide conveniences for them as they navigate deadlines and busy schedules in preparing for their academic futures.

Source: ETS


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