The TOEFL MOOC Is Now Self-Paced

The TOEFL MOOC Is Now Self-Paced

Following the change, the popular free online prep course allows participants to join at any time during the course period — 9 August to 8 November, 2017 — and move through the course content at a pace comfortable for each individual.

Whereas the previous course format was delivered in a timed mode, with new content released each week for six weeks, all of the content for the self-paced course is available at the start. Jennifer Brown, executive director of the TOEFL Family of Assessments, said:

The self-paced structure of the MOOC is intended to further assist students in improving their English-language skills and understanding the ins and outs of the TOEFL test. Students who study abroad at English-speaking universities are exposed to endless opportunities for future success. This MOOC provides them with a pressure-free starting point down that path to success.

The TOEFL MOOC helps students understand what they can do to achieve their best score. The course opens with general information about the test. Subsequent weeks focus on the four skills tested — reading, listening, speaking, and writing — then the course concludes with test-day information and helpful tips. During the weeks covering the speaking and writing test sections, all learners who complete the speaking and writing practice questions can have their responses scored by an automated scoring engine and receive a scaled-score range for their performance on each section.

Overall, the course features a mix of lectures and videos, as well as sample questions from real past tests complete with answer explanations. Open discussion boards allow for interaction with instructors and provide participants with the unique opportunity to meet and share information with other learners from around the world. In this collaborative environment, participants can create study groups and share personal tips about learning English and preparing to study abroad. It is set up as a global classroom to facilitate interaction how and when participants are comfortable.

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The TOEFL MOOC has drawn more than 500,000 participants from more than 200 countries and is highly rated — earning 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Although the course is free, participants have the option to sign up for a paid certificate that will highlight the knowledge and skills gained during the MOOC.

Course enrolment is currently open and can be accessed on the edX platform. The course is accessible with an internet connection on most devices.

Individuals interested in learning more about the TOEFL MOOC can watch an introductory video.

Source: ETS

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