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Your 360° MBA Ranking is all about you. Ordinary rankings tell you what matters about your business education, but we believe you know best and need a ranking that will answer your needs and reflect your values.

The 360° MBA Ranking incorporates data from prominent rankings and integrates it with Unimy’s distinctive Cultural Fit Index.

Cultural Fit considers the organizational character of business schools and how they compare – and then which one fits best with you.

The 360° MBA Ranking changes with you – not year on year based on shifting criteria. If you want to change your preferences or explore more, you can.



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Select which of these matters to you when choosing your ideal MBA?

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Please, describe your ideal business school by answering the questions below:

Everybody should dress the way he/she prefers without any explicit or implicit pressure to follow some uniform style

In your ideal business school:

Romantic relationships between students should not be viewed well

In your ideal business school:

The students should tend to dress in a formal way

In your ideal business school:

There should be a clear uniform etiquette (a set of ‘good manners’) that most people feel obliged to follow

In your ideal business school:

Spending time with classmates for coffee and snacks during breaks, after classes or on non-study days, should be considered a good investment of one‘s time by many

In your ideal business school:

It should be easy to approach and talk to any student or alumni even outside one’s class

In your ideal business school:

Group members should take pride in the individual accomplishments of their group leader

In your ideal business school:

Group leaders should take pride in the individual accomplishments of group members

In your ideal business school:

The alumni should feel loyalty to the business schools

In your ideal business school:

It should be a common practice at the end of a meeting or a session to provide a summary of what has been discussed, in addition to the structured agenda written beforehand

In your ideal business school:

Any communication concerning goals and tasks should be delivered in written form to ensure there will be no ambiguity

In your ideal business school:

Students should be able to easily obtain authority to make some important decisions if they want to

In your ideal business school:

Regarding study content, in some cases the opinion of students should be considered more important than that of professors

In your ideal business school:

Students should be expected to:

In your ideal business school:

It should be considered as acceptable a student to add a professor on Facebook

In your ideal business school:

Events should be usually

In your ideal business school:

Applying innovations to improve performance should be generally

In your ideal business school:

Most students should set challenging study and work goals for themselves

In your ideal business school:

Most of the work should be highly structured, which leads to few unexpected events

In your ideal business school:

Keeping with tradition should be the first consideration when defining a common practice


What is Unimy’s methodology?

The 360° MBA Ranking takes existing rankings data and combines it with Unimy’s powerful Cultural Fit tool to empower candidates to design an MBA ranking just for them.

It takes into consideration the aspects of the MBA experience that are important to prospective students: Career & graduate success outcomes, diversity, academic quality, and acceptance rate. It combines these with Unimy’s Cultural Fit Index – a unique study that examines learning environment, campus life, and organizational culture in each business school.

Each school is ranked based on six criteria. Each prospective student can select those factors that matter the most when searching for the ideal MBA program:

Unimy Cultural Fit Index - Business School Organizational Culture.
Career outcomes - Higher salary, achievement of career goals, how quickly graduates are employed.
Diversity - Percentage of internationals in student body, faculty, and on the board. Percentage of females in student body, faculty, and on the board.
Faculty - Academic credentials of the teachers and professor.
High Acceptance Rate or Low Acceptance Rate - Programs accepting a higher percentage of students from all applications/ Programs accepting a lower percentage of students from all applications)

We have used z-scores in order to standardize the data for each ranked school. Each criterion selected by the user weighs equally when calculating the result.

Data related to criteria Career Outcomes, Diversity, and Faculty, is based on the Financial Times MBA rankings. Data related to acceptance rates is based on US News Rankings and other published sources. Data related to Cultural Fit is based on Unimy’s own research into the organizational culture of business schools (The Cultural Fit Index).  Each prospective student receives a list that is tailored according to their preferences.


Is the first program on the list the best one for me?

It might be! Through the questionnaire, you have shared crucial information about your ideal MBA program. We combine this with our extensive data to show you which programs best suit you. However, your preferences may change. In this case, you can further customize your results by region, cost, and other important factors.

We recommend you use all the tools on Unimy to design your MBA journey. They are all free and take only a short amount of time. We offer non-biased results based on research, not based on which schools have paid us.

Once you have your Match, Fit, and Personalized Ranking, you should have a clearer idea of which programs best suit you. We recommend you then do more research. Read and watch more about the programs you are interested in on, and get in touch with alumni and admissions to ask any questions you may have.


The program I am interested in is not in my results. What does this mean?

The Unimy MBA Ranking includes your top 100 MBA programs worldwide. If the program you are interested in does not feature in your results list, it could be because it is not currently within the top 100.  However, features many more program profiles than the top 100. Use our browse tool to discover more about the one you are interested in.


How do you use my results?

We save your personal ranking results to anonymously include it in the Unimy MBA Rankings 2023. Each year, Unimy will publish rankings created by MBA candidates for MBA candidates. We analyze the anonymized data to identify trends among MBA candidates.