Debate of the Month: American vs European MBAs

Debate of the Month: American vs European MBAs

This decision will not only determine the essence and outcome of your post-graduate education but will also dramatically impact the direction of your career once you receive your diploma.

When it comes to making the final choice of post-graduate programme, many MBA aspirants find themselves facing the same dilemmas. Resources are limitless and you can educate yourself well enough to make a reasonable and logical decision. PrepAdviser is now starting to offer you a handy tool which you can use to juxtapose some of the main advantages and disadvantages, and bottom line specifics about popular MBA topics.

In our new section, Debate of the Month, we will discuss some of the hottest MBA-related dilemmas that many prospective students face along their MBA journey. For each topic, you can read two expert perspectives that will help you get a glimpse of the two opposing sides.

The main goal of the debate is to create a dynamic environment which encourages you to become contributors and thus have an impact on the development of each ongoing topic. It is your contribution that will provide an invaluable perspective, which, in combination with the facts and statistics, will help us determine the winner of each debate. You are welcome to get involved and share your insights.

American vs European MBAs

The first Debate of the Month will be dedicated to the longstanding battle: American vs European MBAs.

We will analyse stereotypes and see what is true and what isn’t when it comes to the leaders in the global MBA rankings.

We will find out how crucial the prestige and popularity of schools actually are and whether these factors have anything to do with the quality of the schools’ MBA programmes.

We will compare the costs of American and European MBAs and will determine the ROI and career prospects of their respective graduates.

We will take a look into the differences between the admissions requirements of both the European and the US MBAs and will see how hard it is to get in.

We will also focus our attention on the length of the programmes and will discuss the differences between one-year and two-year programmes. We will shed light on whether the content varies between the shorter and the longer programmes and explore whether the length of an MBA is crucial to its quality.

Finally, we will analyse the trends in ROI among graduates of both European and American MBAs. We will follow how the schools’ graduate networks impact alumni careers and try to evaluate whether class size has anything to do with the amount of valuable professional contacts that graduates gain by the time they receive their diplomas and beyond.

Don’t forget that the intention of our Debate of the Month is to offer you current trends and up-to-date statistics and facts about each topic that we choose. But it is you who will help us determine the winner of each debate! Ask questions below each article and share your opinion because your contribution counts!

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