Why Business Schools Require GMAT Scores (Video)

Why Business Schools Require GMAT Scores (Video)


Top reasons why B-schools require the GMAT


Admissions directors highlight that the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a very strong predictor of success. The role of admissions committees is to identify the applicants who will be successful in their studies and make the most of their time at business school. The qualitative and quantitative skills that the GMAT assesses are an essential part of the potential that admissions teams are looking for in business school applicants.

Another good reason why business schools use the GMAT exam is that it provides an objective way to assess applicants from very diverse backgrounds. International business schools that value diversity attract aspiring professionals from different countries and continents, and various academic and professional backgrounds. The GMAT exam is available around the world throughout the year.

Who looks at GMAT scores

The GMAT is accepted by over 2,000 business schools and graduate programmes around the world. A GMAT score is an admissions requirements for many MBA programmes, as well as Master’s degree programmes specialising in Finance, Accounting, Business, and Management. Beyond the graduate classroom, you should know that some employers also consider job applicants' GMAT performance.

Why a high GMAT score always makes a difference

Business schools often require a certain score to make applicants eligible for consideration, but some top schools such as Harvard Business School report quite a wide range in the GMAT scores of their MBA entrants.

The average GMAT score of students in top MBA programmes is steadily rising and has reached 730 on a 200 - 800 scale. The MBA programmes that boast the top “average GMAT scores” are in the US and India. Although the evaluation of an MBA application is holistic and considers many other factors, a high GMAT score always makes a difference.

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In addition, solid GMAT scores are often used as a prerequisite for awarding generous merit scholarships. This alone makes the investment in GMAT preparation very worthwhile.

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Watch the video for more insights from international MBA admissions directors.


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