Is a Dual Degree MBA Programme the Right Choice? (Video)

Is a Dual Degree MBA Programme the Right Choice? (Video)


In this video Steven Sunmonu from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Kennedy School or Government, discusses considerations around getting two degrees at once.


Steven highlights that the fist stepping stone is the GMAT. It is a flexible test that can be used for application to other Master’s degree programmes in addition to the traditional MBA. Steven used his GMAT score to apply to Wharton for an MBA as well as to Harvard Kennedy School for an MPA (Master of Public Administration).

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Steven headed to MBA/MPA studies because he believed that:

The dual degree programme is a phenomenal option for several reasons.

Career flexibility is one good reason to consider a dual degree MBA programme. Steven is interested in pursuing a career in corporate social responsibility. This is a truly multidisciplinary field and he has to combine knowledge of several worlds – those of business, not-for-profit and government. The MBA/MPA degree will help him drive his way into the corporate social responsibility space.

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The MBA/MPA from Wharton/Harvard Kennedy will provide Steven with two different networks of two great institutions. He will lean from and connect to current students, professors and alumni of these world-famous universities. This is one of the most valuable resources that he considered when making the choice between a single and a dual degree programme.

The dual degree option also enables him to save time and money compared to doing the two degrees separately. Of course you have to invest time in preparation for admission to both programmes, but your effort will be very much worth the trouble.



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