A Personal Guide to Choosing an MBA (Video)

A Personal Guide to Choosing an MBA (Video)


In this very informative video, Professor Colin Eden talks about his personal experience dealing with MBA programmes. He has been working in this field for more than thirty years and has also been involved with the accreditation of business schools.


Professor Eden shares that, in his opinion, there is no point whatsoever in choosing to take an inexpensive MBA programme. According to him, an MBA is an investment in your future and you should not bargain with it.

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Why do an MBA?

Getting a good job is the most important reason. An MBA can help a lot when you have to show that you are unique in some kind of way. Many employers are impressed by such a degree and you have a higher chance of being chosen above others for a particular position if you have an MBA.

Gain a great amount of business knowledge

You will learn more and more about how to apply your knowledge in practice. Professor Eden advises you to choose your electives carefully and think about whether these electives are going to give you the opportunity to do things that are unusual to you and thus gain more experience.

Good MBAs are expensive

Doing a good MBA is likely to be expensive, but you do get what you pay for. Remember that the fees are not going to be the significant element that counts. There are also extra expenses that can even be above the cost of an MBA programme. Do not forget that undertaking an MBA is a serious financial proposition.

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When choosing a good MBA you should consider a number of factors. The first, and probably the most important, is the accreditation profile of your chosen business school. Typically, there are three international accreditations that are connected with business schools, but the most important of all is the Association of MBA’s Accreditation (AMBA).

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