9 Reasons Why Getting an MBA Is Better Than Getting a CFA

9 Reasons Why Getting an MBA Is Better Than Getting a CFA

Business Insider attempts to put an end to it, by trying to look at the dilemma from the perspective of recruiters, They compare compensation and time spent getting each accreditation.

They also reach to people who hold either CFA or an MBA degree to see which one is better.

See below to find out why getting an MBA is better than getting a CFA.


1. Better networking during the process

This one is pretty obvious- at business school you can meet a lot of people- classmates, faculty, speakers, and recruiters.


2. Better connected alumni base

Business schools are famous for the close-knit alumni community that they foster.


3. Better for working in a variety of sectors

With an MBA, there is variety of business classes at our disposal- from business journalism to C-suite.


4. Better name recognition

More people are familiar with what an MBA than the CFA. An interviewed CFA holder said that the certificate did not help him get a job.


5. Better for mentorship

At business school, there is a big chance you will find a mentor. For the CFA, you are on your own.


6. Better for developing new skills and experimenting

The CFA targets mainly the ones, who want to become analysts. The MBA offers the opportunity to try new things in class that you find interesting.


7. Better for growing your own business

MBA teaches you a lot about entrepreneurship.

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8. MBA is shorter than the CFA

The CFA tales 300 hours of study, and the whole process takes about 2 ½ years to finish. On the top of that, 20% of CFA test-takers go through the process without failing a test and having to take it again. The MBA takes two years top and that’s it.


9. Better for fun

At business school, there is a great chance that you will make some friends and go to good parties together.

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Source: Business Insider


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