Top 10 Articles on Master's and MBA Admissions for 2015

Top 10 Articles on Master's and MBA Admissions for 2015

We at PrepAdviser decided to present the 10 most popular articles on our website dedicated to preparation for MBA and Master’s admission. Some of the articles have also attracted a good number of comments, questions and further expert advice.

Now you can have them all, gathered into a single article!

So, here you go with the countdown of PrepAdviser’s 10 most popular articles for 2015!

#10. How to Write an Impressive Statement of Purpose

It is time to write your statement of purpose and you think it is just a simple essay in which you state what you want to achieve through the Master’s degree programme of your choice and you are done, right? Wrong!

#9. 10 Ivy League MBA Interview Tips

The interview with your dream business school might be just 20 minutes long, but you will spend anxious months preparing for it, as will hundreds of other bright, motivated young people across the world.

#8. Key Factors to Win MBA Scholarships

The contest to win MBA scholarships is becoming more and more competitive every year. Keeping this in mind, however, candidates should not get discouraged. There are basic rules that may give you some advantage, if taken into account. Those adamant they will succeed in the race first need to understand the rules of the game and be prepared to plunge into it headfirst.

#7. Living Costs in North America: Do It like the Americans (or Canadians)

Wondering about the living costs in North America’s most wanted destinations for business education?

#6. MBA Scholarships, Assistantships and Grants

MBA scholarships provided by international business schools amount to millions of Euros. How accessible are they?

#5. How to Select an International Business School

The right selection of an international business school affects your chances of admission and your career prospects. Tired of shifting through prospectuses and brochures, highlighting the amazing aspects of their international business school?

#4. Which Business School Rankings to Check Out

Business school rankings are a tempting tool to use when choosing your MBA or Master’s destination. Here is a handy review of which business school rankings to check out and when.

#3. List of MBA Scholarships for 2015/2016

Ways to finance MBA studies is one of the hottest topics within the field of higher education.

#2. MBA Application Timeline for the Fall 2016 Intake – Part 2

This is the second part of the application timeline for those who plan to apply for admission to US business schools for the MBA 2016 Fall intake.

#1. MBA Application Timeline for Fall 2016 – Part 1

This MBA application timeline is intended for those of you who wish to begin their MBA studies in the autumn of 2016 in US business schools, a.k.a. fall 2016 intake.

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