Joining a Student Club During Your MBA (Quick Reads)

Joining a Student Club During Your MBA (Quick Reads)

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Quick Facts:

  • A great way to compare MBA programs when choosing where to study, is to look at the student clubs they offer.
  • The aim of many student-run organizations is to develop certain business skills that are relevant to a particular industry, such as accounting. Other clubs may focus on socializing with students who share common hobbies such as skiing.
  • Student-led clubs provide an outlet for greater creativity, personal development, and leadership.
  • According to Stephen Rakas, executive director of the Masters Career Center at Tepper School of Business. student clubs offer both social and business related benefits. He says:

Chosen Quote:

I recommend students join clubs that represent both their career and personal interests, when possible," Rakas wrote in an email. "It's an opportunity to share more about yourself and build stronger connections with your classmates. You may not want to begin an elevator pitch by discussing the Brewmeister's Club, for example, but being able to chat about your hobbies and non-academic interests can serve as an excellent ice breaker and, for some companies, it may be a part of the interview process.

Useful Information:

  • Professional clubs may also offer guidance to students who are thinking of making a career switch. Networking with other students, alumni and professors from different industries is an opportunity to gain added knowledge and insider tips about how to approach entering a new field.


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