How to Think in English

How to Think in English


Thinking involves interactions between pathways that carry information from one part of your brain to the next. Simply put, there are triggers that lead to chain reactions in your brain. So, how does this work?


When you are driving, you are presented with various signs, colours, and objects. But, when you see the colour green, it triggers a reaction in your brain. The green trigger makes you think of going forward. The red trigger, on the other hand, makes you think that you have to stop. In a study regarding triggers and the brain, it was found that many fast food companies use the colours red and yellow. This is because red triggers appetite and hunger. Yellow, on the other hand, triggers feelings of happiness and friendliness. For example, one of the largest global food chains is McDonald’s, which uses exactly the colours red and yellow. This is because they know that these colours make people think they are hungry. According to Tiffani, all of our thoughts start with some type of trigger.

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In the same way, you can have triggers that make you think of words in English by being exposed to images. Give your brain more things to connect to. This extends beyond one-word triggers.

You must also look for situational and emotional triggers in order to think in English. For example, if you see an image of a tractor you will be triggered to think of the word “tractor”. Now, if you see two tractors crashing into one another, you need an English phrase to use so that you can think about this situation in English. This expression is “plow into”. So, the next time you see the same image, you will be triggered to think of this phrase in English.

Finally, let’s check out the emotional triggers that will help you think in English. For instance, if you see an image of someone who is injured, you would think they are probably in a lot of pain. So, how could this emotion be described? We can say: “My whole body aches”. Then, this image becomes an emotional trigger of a thought in English.

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