All About GMAT Scores (Video)

All About GMAT Scores (Video)


First of all, you have to understand that there are five GMAT scores in total:



Therefore, one of the GMAT scores is the AWA Score. This is the score for the Writing Section of the exam. It gives you between 0 and 6 points, as there is half a point increment. The average score of this section is 4.3. Two graders evaluate your score, as one of them might be a computer. The average between the two scores is calculated and that is how you get your AWA score. However, if the 2 scores are greater than 1 point apart, then a third expert grader will grade your essay and give you the final score.

Integrated Reasoning

Next, there is the IR Score (Integrated Reasoning). This score ranges between 0 and 8 points with a 1 point increment. The average score in this section is 4.3. The IR section gives you groups of questions, and in order to get points for a group, you have to answer all the questions within it.


Then, you have the Quantitative Score. This section counts for between 0 and 60 points, although you will rarely see a score below 7 or above 50 points. The mean score is 38 points.


Then there’s the Verbal score, which ranges between 0 and 60 with an average score of 27. Rare scores are below 9 and above 44.

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Full GMAT Score

Finally, you are going to have the Full GMAT Score which is between 200 and 800 points with a mean of 550. This score is the most important one, as it is the one that business schools mostly look at. They want to see your full score and are rarely interested in your individual scores. It’s important to know that the Full score is only made up of the Verbal and Quantitative scores. The AWA and IR do not affect the full score.

These are all of the scores you are going to get from the GMAT test. Hopefully this helps you understand the GMAT a little bit better and structure your priorities for maximum effectiveness.


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