How Did You Prepare for the GMAT? (Video)

How Did You Prepare for the GMAT? (Video)


Students from IIM Ahmedabad, PGPX class of 2016, talk about their preparation, to help you better understand the process.


Harsh Sharma | Past experience – SSCI Manager, Airbus Operations UK

For Harsh discipline was the most important aspect of his preparation. He didn’t attend any study group and that’s why he made the effort to be self-disciplined. He used the official guide provided by the GMAC website and he spent 2-3 hours every day studying. At weekends sometimes even more. His target was to reach 700+ points and in the end his efforts repaid him with a good score.

Mansi Wadhwa | Past experience – Product Manager, Johnson & Johnson (Medical)

Mansi shares that for her it was important to take a diagnostic exam to get a clear vision of her strong and weak areas. This let her improve her weak points. As for the interviews, she spoke to seniors of her professional institute about what skills are required for an MBA programme.

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Himanshu Anand | Past experience - Team Leader, Aricent Technologies, UK

Himanshu also did self-study. As soon as he had chosen a date for his exam, he perpared a schedule for three months of preparation. During this period he scheduled dates for practice tests. He worked on his weaknesses the most and eventually succeeded.

Richa Aggarwal | Past experience – Architect, TCE India

Richa decided to go for a one-year MBA programme. It was a challenge for her to go back to studying after a 7-year period of working. However, she found the GMAC website very helpful and the study materials very systematic. She shares that the GMAT helps you unlearn all the wrong things you have learned before and start afresh. For her it was a preparation for what she is going to face in the real world.

Kritika Gupta | Past experience – Manufacturing Process and Quality Leader, GE India

Kritika took a month and a half for preparation which was concentrated on test practice. Like the other students, she used the official study materials.

Saptadeep Basu | Past experience – Project Management & System Designing, NTPC Ltd

Saptadeep was working full-time before he got into IIM Ahmedabad. He consulted with peers who had done the GMAT before in order to understand the procedure around it. He booked a date four months in advance. In the first month he got all the materials and from then on he started with the regular preparation. The last week before the exam he did lots of practice tests under timed conditions so he could get a real feel for the exam. The last day before the exam he did nothing.

Ullas Ameriya | Past Experience – Microsoft

Ullas used a 3-step approach. First he chose his date, because according to him it’s the starting point of the process. Second, he planned how to study and what material to cover. Third, he took tests regularly and he measured his strengths and weaknesses. He focused on his strengths and made his weaknesses good enough.


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