Get to Know the GRE Exam (Video)

Get to Know the GRE Exam (Video)


What is the GRE?


The GRE is a standardised test designed to predict students’ readiness for graduate level education. In particular the test measures your verbal reasoning, mathematical reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills. In most countries, the GRE is a computer-based test that can be taken most days throughout the year, although in others it is offered as a paper-based test.

The various parts of the GRE

The first task on the test is to complete the Analytical Writing section. In this section you must write two essays. The first type of essay is called Analysis of an Issue, which you will have 30 minutes to complete.

The other type of essay is called Analysis of an Argument. For this essay you will be given an argument and you will have 30 minutes to write a critique on that argument.

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The GRE test is section-level adaptive, which means that depending on how successfully you deal with the questions, you will be presented with harder or easier questions. The Quantitative and Verbal scores will be based on the difficulty level of the questions you answered. It is crucial to treat every section with similar attention.

Scheduled breaks on the GRE

You will have a one-minute break between each section of the test. After the third section you will have an optional 10-minute break.

For the Quantitative and Verbal sections you will have around 30 minutes per section to answer 20 questions. These sections test a wide variety of mathematical concepts. The good news is that you will have studied them in elementary and secondary school.

Note that your GRE scores are valid for five years from the time you take your test.

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