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Potsdam, United States of America
Full time - 1 year
Potsdam, United States of America
Full time - 1 year

Tuition fees

$ 56,544

(€ 43,743)

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Program name

Residential MBA

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Business school information

  • Clarkson University was founded in 1896 to honor Thomas S. Clarkson, a pioneering entrepreneur and humanitarian. It is a private, national research university that is a leader in technological education and sustainable economic development.
  • Their undergraduate and graduate business programs stand out because of their curricula and experiences outside the classroom in partnership with business leaders and proven entrepreneurs. Clarkson University aims to inspire students who will lead across the traditional boundaries of marketing, economics, finance, accounting, human resources, international relations, and organizational communications.

Study in United States of America

  • The US is the most popular destination for international students while American universities often dominate the global rankings.
  • As can be expected of a country with a population of 325 million, the US has a diverse range of cities and universities to choose from.
  • The United States is the world’s greatest economic power in terms of gross domestic product and has been among the world’s highest-ranking countries in terms of GDP per capita. The US economy is marked by resilience, flexibility, and innovation.

Program description

By earning the Clarkson MBA, you demonstrate your uncompromising work ethic. You master an advanced curriculum developed with industry and have proven your ability to solve real-world problems. From corporate offices to independent start ups, you become sought after because you excel. If you're ready to lead and take on new challenges, then it's time to make the future you want.

Clarkson’s 38-credit MBA program gives you a solid business foundation with enough electives to tailor your MBA to your career goals. You’ll study theory and practical business application, develop critical leadership and problem-solving skills, and tackle multifaceted, real-world problems, preparing you for success in today’s ever-changing economy. 

Clarkson's Accelerated MBA program starts in August and ends in May. In addition to their nine-month program, Clarkson University also offers options that take you from your first class to graduation in one calendar year, 18 months, two years or more.

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Admission requirements

GMAT (Minimum):


Language Test:



IELTS 6.50





* Transcripts from all institution

(s) attended

* GMAT/GRE scores

* Resume or C.V.

* Statement of purpose

* 3 letters of recommendation

Cost of study and scholarships

Scholarship up to:



Male/Female students:

73% / 27%

International students:


Number of nationalities represented:


Alumni today:
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Alumni salary today:

$ 50,000

Salary increase:


Post-MBA salary:

$ 70,000

Employed at three months:


Career progress:

Type of aid available:


Criteria on which
aid is granted:

15-75% Based on GPA and GMATClarkson’s scholarships are primarily merit based. You are automatically applied for all scholarships when you apply to the program. Merit is primarily based on GMAT, or equivalent scores, and undergraduate GPA, but all aspects of your application are considered. Students who qualify to waive the GMAT will still be considered for scholarships, but typically receive the Fellowship level award.Scholarships require you to maintain a 3.0 graduate GPA. If you have access to an employer benefit plan, you must choose either it or a merit scholarship, not both.Awards are granted based on a percent of your program’s total cost, and range from 15% to 75%. Award amounts can change with actual courses taken. The standard award levels are as follows:Fellowship (3.3 GPA, 550 GMAT) – at least 15%Dean's (3.5 GPA, 600 GMAT) – at least 25%Presidential (3.7 GPA, 650 GMAT) – at least 40%Trustees (3.9 GPA, 700 GMAT) – at least 75%Clarkson also offers an Early Decision Award for residential business programs. Committing to a cohort-based residential program by March 1st of the year you intend to join the program will grant you an additional scholarship based on your merit scholarship achievement. These awards vary from an additional $3,000–$9,000 as follows:$3,000 Fellowship Level$5,000 Dean’s Level$7,000 Presidential Level$9,000 Trustees Level


06 Oct


Alumni Talks: MBA at David D. Reh School of Business, Clarkson University

19 Aug


Alumni Talks: Clarkson University, David D. Reh School of Business

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