A Summer MBA Internship Leads to Fortune 500 Companies (Video)

A Summer MBA Internship Leads to Fortune 500 Companies (Video)


Many MBA programmes require that their students conduct an internship, normally during the summer for two-year MBAs. The internships provide an opportunity to put into practice the knowledge and skills gained during the MBA. However, a great reward of making the most of your internship is to land a job at a dream company.


Many MBA students plan their internships carefully with the ultimate goal of getting a job offer. What helps is to have clear post-MBA career plans and to work with the career centre at your business school.

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In this video Dan Pickering, from the MBA’16 class of Kelly School of Business at Indiana University (USA), shares about his internship experience at 3M. He gives plenty of examples about how B-school studies, teaching methodology and requirements prepared him for the work-style and demands of top companies.

Dan emphasises the importance of business school and the internship for building a network. He shares that he has three different networks already and how great it feels to be connected.

He also highlights the importance of critical thinking skills. They are essential for MBA studies and management jobs. That is why many B-schools require admission aptitude tests that assess these skills. The popular tests are the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).  Preparing for these tests actually helps prospective applicants upgrade their skills to the level needed for successful performance at B-school.

Check out this video to get inspiration from Dan’s success and make the most of your MBA preparation.

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