How I Improved my GMAT Score (Video)

How I Improved my GMAT Score (Video)


In this official GMAC video, Jeremy Sage, a Willamette University MBA Student, explains how he improved his GMAT exam score the second time he took it.


Jeremy highlights that you cannot achieve a good score on the GMAT just coming out of the undergraduate classroom - no matter how confident you are of success. This exam requires focused preparation.

There are different ways to prepare for the GMAT. The choice depends on many factors such as your learning style, budget, the time you can invest in your preparation, and the availability of different GMAT prep options within your reach – face-to-face classes or tutoring, online training, etc.

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GMAT preparation books are usually an integral part of your GMAT studies. There are many publications you can choose from in addition to the official GMAT guides, published by GMAC. Many test preparation companies publish their own books or compile study materials that match their teaching methodology. So, don’t be in a rush to buy GMAT prep books before you figure out how you will prepare. In the video, Jeremy shares that he also used some “thick GMAT prep books”.

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Another method that helped Jeremy was to work with practice tests. They helped him get an idea of how much time he was spending on each section, how to focus on each problem, how to methodically think through his answers”.

Finally, Jeremy talks about how important preparation is for building confidence and the right-mindset for the GMAT test day.

GMAT preparation usually takes about three or four months. This is also how long Jeremy spent, so that he could achieve a good enough score for his MBA application.

Jeremy mentions another important aspect of planning GMAT preparation – once you have your GMAT score you can start selecting business schools. This is a more practical approach than  first selecting B-schools and then studying for the GMAT.

Watch this video; learn from Jeremy’s experience; and be inspired by his success.


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